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    Soup on Sunday: Partan Bree (Scottish Crab Bisque)

    by  • 31 Aug ’14 • profile • 1 Comment

    crabs3Inspired by a bushel of crabs on our outing yesterday, I was reminded of Partan Bree (Scottish Crab Bisque). Roasted crab shells and sherry lend sweet depth to this luscious version from chef Michael Smith of The Three Chimneys restaurant on Scotland’s Isle of Skye.
    The-Three-Chimneys-Isle-of-Skye-Scotland-UK-19-One of the most acclaimed restaurants in Scotland, there is nowhere in the Highlands and Islands quite like The Three Chimneys. Set in the north west Isle of Skye, and housed in an old stone home by the sea, the original island croft house dates back over 100 years. Well-known on the island for serving the best fish, locally reared lamb, beef and game, Head Chef Michael Smith is a passionate ambassador for Scottish food and cooking. Perhaps this will be a stop on our 2015 Scottish Excursion. (more…)

    Soup on Sunday: Zucchini Soup with Crème Fraîche

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    HDThe hot Houston weather, Food & Wine and winemaker Jeremy Seysses inspired my soup selection today. Jeremy Seysses has developed a wide repertoire of dishes to use up the zucchini from his half-acre garden: ratatouille, sautéed zucchini, zucchini fritters, stuffed zucchini, zucchini cake. But this ultra-simple soup is the family favorite. “We have nothing from the garden for an eternity, then all of a sudden, we have to eat zucchini every day for two months just to keep up,” he says. His soup can be served warm, or chilled for a sunny evening. “Yes, we actually do get occasional sunny evenings in Burgundy,” he reports.


    Soup on Sunday: Seafood Chowder

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    IMG_6277Yesterday was a cold and rainy Sunday in Houston. I would venture to say it’s a rare occasion, but with the strange weather patterns as of late (and polar vortices), it seems to be more commonplace these days. Originally I was going to make Salmon Chowder (my favorite standby) until I was inspired by the clam, mussel and sausage Étouffée at brunch. So, after leisurely lunch, we made our way to Central Market to pick up clams for our chowder…which lead to the addition of scallops as well. The result was delicious! Enjoy.


    Soup on Sunday: Buttermilk Fennel Vichyssoise

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    ColdSoupDespite the fact that I am drinking a hot Starbucks coffee, I can’t bring myself to think about soup (even if it is Sunday and happens to be my favorite food). Yesterday the temperature in Houston was 104 and felt like 113. And as crazy as it may sound, I am loving the hot weather. Either I am suffering from having lived in a cold damp climate for too long or I am delusional from the heatwave. Either way, a bowl of steaming soup is still out of the question.


    Soup on Sunday: Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup

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    soup I adore homemade chicken noodle soup, especially with grilled chicken and lemon juice! It elevates this classic recipe in a way that is subtle, yet undeniable. However, if I make chicken noodle soup for you, it most likely means that you are either feeling under the weather or things are not going well in your world.


    Soup on Sunday: Curried Sweet Potato, Lentil and Coconut

    by  • 7 Oct ’12 • soup • 7 Comments

    Fall is upon us, and this seems like the perfect easy, autumnal  Sunday soup. My husband, who happens to be a great cook, found the basis of this recipe online while sitting in Starbucks. Like most recipes, he tweaks and adds his own touches (always improving the original).  In this case it’s substituting sweet potatoes (rather than squash) and adding garlic, shallot and ginger (which were missing in the original). It now sounds perfect to me, enjoy.


    Soup on Sunday: Roasted Vegetable

    by  • 30 Sep ’12 • soup • 4 Comments

    Now that autumn has arrived I am eger to start making soup again. Don’t get me wrong, I always love a hot pot of soup…I just find it depressing to make soup in August, even though we had a nonexistent summer in Scotland. This past week I was in London for Decorex and ran into my friend and designer Hugh St Clair. I was reminded of the lovely roasted vegetable soup that he made for me when I was his guest in London. It’s such a simple, yet complex tasting concoction.


    White Gazpacho

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    As with the traditional gazpacho, Rick Stein’s white gazpacho is all about stale country bread, garlic and olive oil with the judicious addition of a good quality sherry vinegar and, in this case, almonds and seedless white grapes.


    Spring Soup with Breadcrumb Dumplings

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    I love seeing spring greens in the store, and in the spring and summer I find that I don’t want foods (or soups) that are taxing. That said, it’s still chilly in Scotland, so this spring soup with dumplings is perfect. I adapted it from one of Sara Moulton’s recipes using my favorite dumplings. I have never met a dumpling that I didn’t like, but most can be heavy. These breadcrumb dumplings are light and quick. Enjoy!


    Easter Table + Carrot Soup

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    A year on and I am still smitten with the Easter table Gwyneth Paltrow styled for Remodelista. The delftware Musical Monkey plates are from Deborah Sears’ Signature Collection for Isis Ceramics; the Hand-Beaten Silver Tumblers are from Rose Uniacke and the France Wineglass and the France Champagne Flute are from Summerill & Bishop. The Personalized Ceramic Eggplaceholder is from Yellow Moon in the UK (also available from Ceramic Eggs in the US).


    Lentil Swiss Chard Soup

    by  • 1 Apr ’12 • soup • 2 Comments

    Lentils and chard are wonderful soup partners. Actually, lentils pair well with all kinds of leafy green vegetables—from spinach to mustard greens. Add the chard at the end to keep the bright color. And it’s good for you. Enjoy.