• Elliot Rhodes

    by  • 4 Feb ’07 • 0 Comments

    If you love well-made distinctive belts, then you must look at Elliot Rhodes. What’s so great about Elliot Rhodes you ask? Well, for starters, you get to personalize and design a belt to your own specifications. First you choose a belt and then you choose a buckle. All the buckles attach and detach using...

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    Breakfasts in Paris

    by  • 1 Feb ’07 • 9 Comments

    Leave it to the lovely Rita Konig at Domino Magazine’s Daily Dose to introduce me to the beautiful blog Paris Breakfasts. Artist and blogger Carol Gillott spent three weeks in Paris photographing glorious Parisian patisseries and then painting the food around her. The result is a beautiful collection of watercolors like the two above....

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    Paper Stories

    by  • 31 Jan ’07 • 2 Comments

    For better or for worse (probably for better) sometimes we just can’t say what we’re really thinking! On those rare occasions you can always let these witty little note cards from Paper Stories do it for you. Of course it will take the right recipient to appreciate the irony of these beautiful letter pressed...

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    Chan Luu

    by  • 27 Jan ’07 • 3 Comments

    It’s always so exciting when I find a new designer (new to me anyway). Just by chance I discover Luu Chan’s amazing jewellery while surfing the web (a bad and expensive habit!) Tweet

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