• Pollensa

    by  • 22 Jul ’07 • 9 Comments

    We are back from a wonderfully relaxing ten-day trip to Spain. I have so many great photos and finds to share this week, but I thought I would start with my favorite, Pollensa. Tweet

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    On Holiday

    by  • 10 Jul ’07 • 6 Comments

    Dear blogging friends we are off to Spain. I’ll see all of you back here on Monday, July 23rd. Visit my favorite blogs listed on the left for inspiration. If time permits I will try to post a few photos while in Spain.All the best! Tweet

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    Rita Konig

    by  • 10 Jul ’07 • 12 Comments

    ‘Oh My Gosh,’ I yelled to my husband at 6:30 this morning, ‘Rita has featured my blog on her blog!’ ‘Who,’ asked my husband, struggling to open his eyes. ‘Rita Konig (hello).’ ‘That’s great honey,’ he said with a smile, ‘that’s great.’ Tweet

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    Think Pink

    by  • 9 Jul ’07 • 18 Comments

    A little pink can make us feel young, alive or calm depending on the shade. Whether it’s a pale or deep hue, pink looks at home with many colors. Pair it with white, black, green, blue, brown, yellow, or even orange (just not all at once) for a burst of freshness. Tweet

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    by  • 8 Jul ’07 • 9 Comments

    One item on my ‘must have’ list while in Spain is a handmade pair of espadrilles. Popular in the Mediterranean region for centuries, these brightly colored, rope-soled shoes have become synonymous with La Rioja, the beautiful wine region in the north of Spain, where the shoes were first manufactured by hand over 300 years...

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    by  • 7 Jul ’07 • 6 Comments

    In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Spain I thought I would post a few photos of Spanish architecture. This will be my first trip to Spain and I can’t wait to soak in the sun, culture and beauty of the country. Any must visit places in Barcelona or Mallorca? Tweet

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    Interesting Ice Cream

    by  • 6 Jul ’07 • 10 Comments

    Move aside Vanilla and make way Black Sesame, Ginger, Maccha (green tea) and Avocado ice cream. Coldstone Creamery in Times Square has gone as far as to add wasabi-ginger ice cream to their menu. I really love savory foods and I adore sorbet and gelato. But together? I will admit that I am very...

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    Lusting for France

    by  • 5 Jul ’07 • 3 Comments

    Today I came across a most delightful blog – Cotes De Texas. It’s always so much fun when you find a kindred spirit. The blog is written by an interior designer in Houston, Texas who lives, lusts, and covets anything French. The blog was created to indulge a love of French antiques, French furniture,...

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    The Perfect Picnic

    by  • 5 Jul ’07 • 1 Comment

    Buy Local! There is wide variety of fresh, locally produced foods out there—wines, delectable cheeses, smoked fish, organic vegetables and breads. Check out your local farmers market when planning your next outing/ Tweet

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    White Kitchens

    by  • 5 Jul ’07 • 9 Comments

    For many people, my self included, white kitchens offer a clean, fresh, timeless, classic look. I know some detractors will say that white is boring. Yes, an all white kitchen may sound stark and cold, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many wonderful shades of white that can add a feeling...

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    Swimming Pools

    by  • 3 Jul ’07 • 12 Comments

    There is something wonderfully romantic about swimming pools. For me they conjure up images of summertime bliss, innocents, old Hollywood, Slim Aarons and the idyllic resorts of St. Tropez. Tweet

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