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    When it comes to owning and operating an interior design business, my situation is a little bit different than the norm. While I have a fantastic group of residential clients in Atlanta and Los Angeles, my biggest client is not a homeowner, but rather the largest shelter-related interactive network—Scripps Interactive. So, the ways I go about designing things are a little bit out of the box.

    Whether it’s HGTV.com, diynetwork.com or HGTVremodels.com, I’m consistently conceptualizing spaces that are, from the get-go, packed with editorial value. ‘And just how the hell is that any different from other design businesses,’ you ask? Good question. Let’s say that my client wants to freshen up her master suite and finally make good use of her outdoor patio. My objective as a designer is to (a) decide how we work with some of the pieces she already owns, (b) make the most of her budget, and (c) create a cohesive look. When I am designing spaces primarily for the sake of delivering pertinent editorial information, I must still think about how to work with existing pieces, my assigned budget, and the long-term advantages of splurging on select items rather than buying from a major retail chain. And, of course, the space must look great and fit the homeowners’ needs. But here is the kicker, every decision I make has to be just as relevant to homeowners living in Yosemite as to those living in Yonkers.

    Take my most recent HGTV.com project; I worked alongside a family to create their dream rooms based on the psychology of colors. From an active boy’s bedroom where red was used sparingly, as not to overpower the room, to a warm and easygoing creative space, packed with layers of orange, for a set design coordinator. Now, hopefully, each room excites, inspires and speaks to each person’s personality.

    Ok, I now hear myself typing me, me, me…enough already! Ronda and I would like to hear your thoughts on color. Do you think psychology and color go hand-in-hand, or if it’s just fancy decorator psychobabble? Have you experienced a red room raising your blood pressure? Do cool blue rooms actually make you feel relaxed? Does green remind you of nature and money or does it simply remind you of, well, green? Do tell.

    All the Best Contributor Brian Patrick Flynn is an interior designer, writer, design producer of HGTV Design Star and creator of the entertaining design blog Decor Demon. Brian recently became bicoastal, having moved his interior design business from Atlanta to the Hollywood Hills. www.decordemon.com

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    2. 3 Sep ’12 at 1:03 pm

      I love seeing all this color. I am not sure about all the psychobabble but, I know color in interiors makes me happy. There is no doubt a beige room can be beautiful but, it bores me to live in it. Color makes me HAPPY and my clients come to me for my bold use of it.
      Happy Labor Day.

    3. pve
      3 Sep ’12 at 1:19 pm

      I do love pure and simple naturals and then I also am filled with delight when I walk into a space that is full of color. One color I seem to want now besides lots of gray —is lots of ciean yellow and blue. It seems timeless and fresh.

    4. 3 Sep ’12 at 2:01 pm

      I believe that color does have an effect on how we feel. My father is an artist, but it was my grandmother who planted the idea. There was a soothing green in the home of my other grandmother. Every Sunday I looked forward to taking a nap on the couch in that room. It had a restful feel to it. I love color!

    5. 5 Sep ’12 at 3:03 am

      Lobbberly collllorers! My fav is the first pix of the blue upholstered chair and delicious coordinating carpet.

    6. KG
      31 Dec ’12 at 9:05 pm

      Psychology and color must have a special bond. Whether color evokes a feeling from memories associated with it or we are born with those associations intact or our feelings about color form overtime like moss on wet stones, Color speaks to us . . . somehow. And if you imagine a world without color with sadness, what is that? I think pattern must work the same as color. Being able to play and create with both, is a wonderful creative gift as designers know only too well. May you have a Happy New Year of Color Ronda! See you at Camp.

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