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    New York-based Richard Mishaan is a man of many talents. A former fashion designer, who studied architecture at Columbia University and apprenticed with Philip Johnson, is now the head of his own interior design/architecture firm. I love how he would spend $500. Anyone who considers Hot Tamales a “go to” drugstore product is alright in my book.

    Favorite Meal Under $50
    St Abmrose: Carccofi salad to start with lots of lemon, Dover Sole as entrée, glass of Rose wine

    Pen or Pencil
    I love any Sharpie in assorted colors such as 2 Red, 2 Black, 2 Green and 2 Purple.
    $2 each ($16)

    Fun Stationery
    Print Icon Personalized Calligraphy Note Cards
    $3 each x 50 ($150)

    Go to Drugstore Product(s)

    Kheil’s blue lotion. THE BEST – $17
    Crest whitening strips – $12
    Hot Tamales – $3

    Necessary Vice
    Antinori Red Wine

    One for the Bookshelf

    Modern Luxury
    $32 at Amazon

    Healthy Beverage of Choice
    Vitamin water Zero

    TOTAL $405


    An indulgence I will never forego is the great haircuts I get from my star hair person. My hair grows like a garden hedge. I think she uses the same clippers as my gardener.

    The greatest gift that I have ever received was the work ethic my father so strictly instilled in me. I thought he was so tough. Now I think of him every time I deal with someone who just does not have a strong work ethic.

    That last thing that I purchased and loved was my Leleu coffee table from Bernd GOEKLER. It is soooooooooooooooooo elegant and simple and makes the entire room sing.

    Right now I have my eye on an Ivan Navarro light piece that is so cool and interesting. It looks as if you are looking into infinity.

    The last song I downloaded Jessie J. “Price Tag”

    My last meal would be all carbs. I have gone off them to lose a few pounds and as much as I am happy being thinner, I’d love a huge bowl of pasta with tomato and basil.

    If I had to move tomorrow I would head for Paris. Need I say more?

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