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    Lisa Staprans earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from the University of California at Berkeley, and later studied at the School of Visual Arts and Parson’s School of Design, both located in New York City. Her career in design began in New York City working for large and small firms. In 1992 she and her husband founded the company, Lisa Staprans Interior Design, currently known as Staprans Design.  Lisa’s clients have homes in Virginia, New York, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and many places in California.

    “I entered college intent on becoming a fine artist. By graduation I’d become captivated by the idea of using interior design to make a palpable difference in people’s everyday lives.  The best part is — I get to collaborate with interesting, creative and inspiring people every day. Sometimes it’s a team of architects, contractors, artisans, craftspeople and, of course, home owners. Other times it’s a small group, just me, my project manager, and the owners. Whatever the size of the team, it’s a wonderful feeling when we unite behind a vision to create a beautiful home.”

    “I also have a growing passion for finding ways to make the practice of sustainable consumption an integral part of our interior design. I find fulfillment in working with artisans and firms that have integrity and a sense of social responsibility. “Green” materials take first preference, while reclaimed lumber and antiques add a sense of warmth and history. I prefer products that are not mass-produced, but instead they are made for individual spaces by individual artists.  I support the small village and family with my choices of where things are manufactured. If I use products from other countries I strive to make sure that the people creating those products are not using child labor or subjecting workers to inhumane conditions.”

    Lisa frequently travels the globe, making yearly visitis to her Latvian home on the  Baltic Sea, always buying treasures for projects and her small showroom in the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. Lisa will be returning to India this year to speak at Inc. conference in Jaipur, India about ethical and sustainable consumption.

    Portola Valley Office
    P H O N E
    650. 851. 8436
    F A X
    650. 851. 3029

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