• Behind the Curtain: Tammy Connor Interior Design

    by  • 12 Jul ’11 • profile, Tammy Connor • 0 Comments

    I was thrilled when my friend (and one of my favorite clients) Tammy Connor invited me to come to Birmingham, Alabama—a town that I’ve always wanted to visit. Perhaps it was growing up with Southern Living (the secular bible of the south) and my sadly missed Southern Accents always on the coffee table that prompted my intense curiosity about the city. And, there is no question, that I wanted to see the place Tammy calls home and get a glimpse of her workspace—neither disappointed.

    Long before Tammy and I started working together, I was a huge fan of her work. Her sophisticated use of antiques, rich/interesting textures and soft color palettes produce timeless, livable, classic interiors. It’s been great fun to dig through her baskets and shelves of fabric samples and custom rugs.

    For the past few days we have been gearing up for the launch of Tammy’s new blog and website. I can’t wait for her blog to go live later this month. It will be a great source of inspiration and information! I’ll let you know once it’s up and ready.

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