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    There was no shortage of hospitality or gracious hosts during my visit to Litchfield. Good food, great wine, friendly faces and beautiful backdrops were de rigueur.

    On Friday afternoon, author and noted entertainer Florence de Dampierre hosted a lovely poolside lunch. Born and raised in Paris, Florence is the epitome of effortless chic. From the moment you arrive at her chartreuse green front door you know that you are in for an unexpected treat.  I could have lingered in her garden, eating fresh radishes all day long (most everything served for lunch was from the garden). I am hoping Florence will share a few of her salad recipes…if so I will pass them along.

    Delicious food and gifts from the garden

    From there we headed back to Susanna Salk’s (my amazing host and tour guide for the weekend). Following an relaxing afternoon swim, Susanna hosted an outdoor cocktail party—the weather worked in our favor all weekend. Bright green umbrellas, a glistening pool and a setting sun provided the perfect ambiance. And while the yard is beautiful, Susanna’s home is fabulous! Tomorrow I will post a photo tour.

    Ready for guests to arrive

    Bruce Glickman, Susanna Salk and Wilson Henley

    Todd Sollis, Bruce Glickman, Susanna Salk, Wilson Henley, me, Florence de Dampierre, D.J Carey, Stephen Piscuskas, Carolyn Sollis, Linda Zelenko, Philip Gorrivan, Lisa Gorrivan and Sandy Gilbert Freidus

    After drinks at the Salk’s we made our way to the home of Philip and Lisa Gorrivan. Philip and his lovely wife Lisa pulled out all the stops, hosting an alfresco candlelight dinner on their lawn. Perhaps the only thing to rival the food and the company was Philip’s famous Tea Infused Vodka. Perfect for summer entertaining. After some good-natured prodding Philip kindly shared his recipe.

    Grenadine or agave as sweetener
    English black tea (rose petal black tea is particularly nice)
    Premium vodka

    This is not an exact recipe, it takes a little adjustment….but basically it’s one part vodka and two parts tea. Tea should be steeped in water at the strength one would normally drink. After it cools, mix in a pitcher with vodka. Add generous amounts of ice, and sweeten enough to hide the bite of the vodka. Serve with a lemon wedge or sprig of mint.Very refreshing, and surprisingly smooth!

    I love the David Hicks wall paper with Lisa’s ancestral portrait

    A perfect ending to a perfect day


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    1. 29 Jul ’11 at 8:26 pm

      I’m always inspired by beautiful gatherings and dinner parties! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! -Steph

    2. 30 Jul ’11 at 4:22 pm

      Thanks for sharing the most wonderful recipes!

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