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    My most recent purchase is an Alberto Giacometti graphite drawing.

    Close up details
    The one that got away. Once it reached $800 USD I was out of the game.

    Over the years I have made some wonderful purchases on eBay. I love the thrill of the hunt and there is nothing better than snagging a great bargain, except for winning of course. We have several eBay paintings in our home and I have been very pleased with each transaction. With such a wealth of original art on eBay it can be both exciting and overwhelming. So how does one choose?

    Here are a few of my general guidelines:
    First and foremost I buy what I like and I try to use common sense. I am always skeptical of purchasing art described as an “authentic” work by a “famous” artist. This is certainly the case when the price seems too good to be true. I almost always search out lesser known artists or look for paintings that have come from an estate sell. I tend to be ruthless when it comes to reading a seller’s feedback and I always ask a ton of questions. So far this formula seems to work for me. Do you buy art on eBay? If so, what have been your experiences?

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    1. pve design
      21 Jan ’08 at 11:32 am

      Thanks for the tips, a picture is worth a thousand words, so read up before you buy. That said, buy what sings to you. Set up a budget too and have a price in mind so that you can feel that you made an investment rather than feeling made a “fraud!”

    2. Anna Spiro
      21 Jan ’08 at 11:43 am

      Love the Graphite drawings you scored Ronda!! I am an ebay addict too I must admit!!XXXAnna

      21 Jan ’08 at 12:00 pm

      Good advice Patricia!!

      21 Jan ’08 at 12:02 pm

      Thanks Anna, I can’t wait for it to arrive!
      It’s such a bad habit of mine, but in a good sort of way…it could be worse! :-)

    5. Hill Country House Girl
      21 Jan ’08 at 12:37 pm

      I agree on the feedback check – be ruthless (i.e. someone MUST have a very high score) If you see a bunch of “misunderstandings” in their comments, beware! Be sure you love what you are bidding on and don’t get caught up in the last minute bidding just to”win”.I have seen some great art by unknown artists, so you can bid on what speaks to you and not worry about authenticity. Beautiful graphite drawings!

      21 Jan ’08 at 12:51 pm

      So true! “misunderstandings” or “sent wrong item” or “slow to respond” all are cause to raise an eyebrow…especially if your making a large purchase.

    7. Style Court
      21 Jan ’08 at 2:31 pm

      Love your graphite drawing Ronda.

    8. Mary-Laure
      21 Jan ’08 at 2:40 pm

      It would never have occurred to me to buy art, of all things, on ebay, but now that I think about it, why not? I’ve bought lost of other things on ebay and when the seller feedback is good, the transaction is a breeze.
      I noticed your featured books include one about Cannes, so I thought you may enjoy my blog from when I attended the festival last year:

      21 Jan ’08 at 2:59 pm

      What a great blog! I must get a cuppa and have a proper read!!

    10. coco+kelley
      21 Jan ’08 at 4:37 pm

      i fell in love with a portrait once on ebay … but it got away :( i tend to look for pieces by unknown artists that speak to me. sketchings and portraits are my favorites! i haven’t looked in a while though, so thanks for the reminder!

    11. Carolina Eclectic
      21 Jan ’08 at 6:49 pm

      The drawings are fantastic! I have never bought art on ebay, but I am strongly considering it.

    12. Jennifer R.
      22 Jan ’08 at 12:20 am

      Interesting, i have never bought art on Ebay, although ive bought other things and have had decent exp. However these are quite nice, love the last one!

      good luck!

      Jen Ramos
      ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

    13. Suzy
      22 Jan ’08 at 2:36 am

      Wow, its lovely, congratulations! I’ve never purchased art on ebay, but would consider doing so now.

    14. Sally Forth
      22 Jan ’08 at 6:26 am

      I do buy art on eBay and love it. As long as you set a reasonable price and stick to it eBay can be a great way to find artists you knew nothing about. I agree with the feedback statement.

    15. Cote de Texas
      22 Jan ’08 at 6:28 am

      I love buying on ebay! Isn’t it just the greatest invention, after the internet of course! funny how you always remember the ones that got away though.

    16. mongoose1
      22 Jan ’08 at 2:03 pm

      I’ve purchased quite a few smaller paintings on ebay.

      AS many of you have mentioned, I think the rules for art should follow the same for buying anything there, you shop the seller and not the merchandise (i.e., play close attention to their feedback and scores).

      I’d also recommend being aware of how art photographs versus appears in-hand. I’ve almost always been pleasantly surprised because the paintings I’ve purchased look even better in the flesh.

      I’ve bought several painting from Duane Keiser (http://duanekeiser.blogspot.com/)and also Michelle Tully (http://silverfortress.blogspot.com/) and one by Kim Roberti (http://www.dailypainters.com/artists/artist_gallery/677/Kim-Roberti). Duane started the painting a day movement among art bloggers and Michelle’s art school uses the proceeds from their ebay sales to fund their schools scholarship programs. I even managed to score a Tony Ryder oil sketch that he did when guest teaching at Michelle’s school.

      Overall I’ve been tremendously happy with the art I’ve purchased at ebay. butI make a point of staying away from the authentic Chagall’s, Picasso’s, etc.

    17. ALL THE BEST
      22 Jan ’08 at 2:13 pm

      Thanks for the links mongoose1!

    18. Habitually Chic
      22 Jan ’08 at 11:50 pm

      I’ve bought a lot of art on eBay. Sometimes people don’t know what they are selling and I get a piece that’s worth something but most of the time I just buy little watercolors that I like.

    19. ALL THE BEST
      23 Jan ’08 at 1:06 pm

      I’ve only had that happen once HC and I was so excited with my find, but alas it has never happened again!

    20. Me, Myself, & I
      24 Jan ’08 at 5:20 am

      Ebay is a great resource. I’ve purchased a ton of stuff off there but not any art {yet}. Your graphite drawings are fabulous!
      In a great frame they’ll look like a million bucks! What a great find. And your “rules” for purchasing are right on.

    21. Lucky Loo
      24 Jan ’08 at 6:17 pm

      Great Blog,love it! Thanks for sharing your views,lovely creative eye! Little nervious about buying art on ebay, but so glad it worked out well.Love your graphite drawings.Cheers

    22. Debbie Miller
      31 Jan ’08 at 2:37 am

      I’ve bought some art online from fellow daily painters. check us out at http://www.dailypainters.com – its a great place to see alot of art everyday!

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